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The ProfitFunnnel Mini Website

Dear music friends,

Trough the courtesy of RCMG/ Concept Marketing Group. We can offer our artists and musicians the possibility to have your own *SUPER* website or OBCard-online business card. The "ProfitFunnel" E-commerce Mini-Website 2.0 and the online business card, are just 2 of the many products that are offered and sold by This service is provided to you as part of our efforts to help artists and musician. The prices which are quoted here are for artists and musicians only!! No one else will be able to get these mini sites or cards at these prices unless they are involved in the music industry in some way or another. This offer is also good for producers, music managers, agents and studios. Please feel free to contact us at anytime to get started.

About the Mini-Website 2.0


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The ProfitFunnel” promotional websites are designed to fit the contours of all monitor sizes, this way your site always look the same and good in any size monitor. The mini websites will help you curb and save many hours that are needed to do your promotions and advertise your act or band. These sites are built so that they are easy to use, anyone with an FTP program can upload these sites to the internet and they will give you that much needed visibitity that you and your band desperately need.

The "ProfitFunnel" S.E.O. Optimized e-commerce website 2.0includes the following:

  • A Dreamweave (HTML) webpage to include the following:
  • Dreamweaver Index page
  • 4 extra optimized templates
  • Free S.E.O. Optimization- keywords, description, robot tags
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page
  • Free built in contact form*
  • No external Java script files       
  • Links to your Facebook, and Twitter pages

We will populate your ProfitFunnel for you at no extra cost. Just send us text and images and we will do the rest. 

Order  your Mini Website today at the special discounted price for artists and musicians for only $49,99 bucks  
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About the online business cards (OBCards)

Online Business Cards are a great way to offer more information about yourself or band other than normal business cards that you have in your wallet. Give your perspective sponsor, student etc. a web address to visit to learn a bit more about you or your band. Every artist should at least have an online business card address to send clubs and promoters to, to view more information about them that is not included on a normal business card.

With these OBCard you can have on it the most important information about you or your band that you wand others to view, enough space is provides for some personal history about you, your credits, performances, discography, and your basic contact and images. 

This is what you get with your “OBCard ” mini webpage

  • A Dreamweaver (HTML) webpage to include the following:
  • 1 Index page with extra space for
  • A small history about you
  • Credits and Performances
  • Discography
  • Images
  • Free built in contact form*

We will populate your "OBCard" for you at no extra cost. Just send us text and images and we will do the rest. 

Order your "OBCard" today at the special discounted price for artists and musicians for only $19,99 bucks. Just drop us a line and we can get started immediately

Artists Get Top Quality Videos And Professional Images

We would also like to thank Das Foto Studio in Oberursel for providing special discount prices for musicians and artists. Here you can have fotos made of yourself or band at more than reasonable prices. Need a video, no problem Das Foto Studio Oberursel offer musicians and artists special discount prices to help keep on top of things. Call 06171-57787 or Visit Their Site and make an appointment today!


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