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We consult our artists on many different things that they will be confronted with in the music industry. Many artists today have little knowledge about running a company, and a band is no different that a company. You have to do the same things for your band that the CEO does for his or her company, and we can give you the advice that you need to be successful.
Musicians helping musicians is the main theme of this website. At one point in our music history we all need to have a coach no matter what your specialty is. We provide the possibility for you as an artist to come in contact with other artists who give music or voice lessons and coaching. We encourage you to take advantage of having someone to help coach your voice or instrument. Just ask us and we can help you find someone that can help you
Industry Advice
We alos give artists advice on contratractual matters and gigs. Contact us at anytime for the latest updates on matters concerning artists and musicians.
Marketing Expert
Get expert advice on maketing your band. Learn how to market your band and get valuable information about the music industry. We have a great strategist for marketing your band or yourself. 13 years as an affiliate marketer that has several products of their own on the marker today will give you expert advice on promoting your brand.
as a musician these are two of the companies that you should consider joining. The GEMA helps protect your individual property (Urheberrecht) rights as an artist or musician. Their website is located at
The GVL is responsible for your appearences on television, radio and live performances located at make sure you join this company as well.
Learn what equipment is needed for a successful show and how to set up your stage. *Front Line* Back Line* these are two terms that you definately need to know.
Learn How To Promote Your Band
One very important aspect of the music industry and running a music business marketing your yourself or your band. Just as with marketing commercial products from different companies you have to put yourself directly before your main audience. Just follow  this link and get first hand informaton on how to put yourself in front of your audience.
If you have any questions about anything concerning the music industry just ask, we are here to help.


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