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About Goodtymes


Goodtymes Music - Was created to manage and promote national and international artists and musicians in Germany and Europe. Goodtymes Artist Management is a booking, management, concert and promotion agency. Due to our combined contacts and experiences as a concert booking agency, we have very good connections to festivals, concert halls, churches clubs and many types of venues throughout Europe.

Advertisement & Promotion
Advertisement & Promotion - We have one of the best methods of getting our artists the best coverage that they can get. We utilizes radio, newspapers, social media and online marketing and advertising. Our team specializes in graphics, stage management road, production and online marketing. We will also get flyers, posters and graphics together.
Bookings & Promotion
Our booking team has many years under our belt as agents and we  provide for our artist the best venues that we can book, and use video, in our marketing campaigns.
Contact to Public & Production

Eventhough we do our best to help keep our artist in the eye of the public, we also encourage them to do the same and also promote themselves. It is very important that the promoter as well as for the artist.

We know how important it is to get good legal help when it comes to contractual matters and understanding jusu how things work here in Germany. We hep our artists every step of the way to insure that they get the best deal possible.






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