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Artist Care

"We take care of our Artists", we make sure that you are looking and sounding your best. We are the bridge between the promoter and the Artist, Record companies and the Media, we watch your back and make sure that everything is running smooth so that our artist can have a successful and stress free concert or gig.

GoodTimes Artist Management and Booking is concerned with the service our Artist receive at Concerts, Tours, Events, Radio and TV promotions, and our work is based on a personal and individual trustworthy relationship between Agency and Artist. We want our Artists to be happy and content so they can concentrate on performing and not on the business aspect of promoting music. The well being of our Musicians and Artists is very important to us and we insist on optimal service at all concert Venues. Some of our services for musicians and Artists are:

Stage Controlling
Our duty to our Artists is to make sure that they have the best of equipment for their performance and that from the catering side there is enough to eat and drink. We also make sure that from the technical side our artists do not have worry about anything. We make sure that the p.a. system and the technician are in agreement with the way your sound should be.
Transportation and Lodgings
All modes of transportation will be available for the Artist, depending on how far the concert or gig is will determine the mode of transportation. Contracts are only signed with transportation and hotel accommodations included.
Our appearance and stage coach is here to help the Artist look and feel their best. You can also get tips on how to best apply your make up, hair styling, eating habits and of course your appearance.
Contact to Promoter
A detailed discussion about all aspects of the concert must take place before the actual event. Promotion for the concert, and the service we expect for our Entertainers will be on the table. All aspects of the concert will be discussed, i.e. arrival time, sound check, performance time, and accommodations (drinks water etc.) at the place of performance.
We also provide coaching for all of our Artists who wish to have it, and we encourage all of them to take advantage of having someone to help coach your voice or instrument.
Our coaches for gives pupils insight on how to keep your voice in shape and stay in good health while touring. We have highly trained and experienced coaches for Gospel, Blues and R+B, music.
GoodTimes Promotion Artist Management & Booking offer quality performances and music at it´s best.



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